Audience Sheet - Essay 1: Evaluation (The Grizzlies, 2018)

Type out a minimum of three-to-four-sentence responses to each question. Be sure to explain how your thoughts affected decisions you made as you wrote your evaluation essay.  Sentences should be specific and grammatically correct.  The audience sheet is 10pts.


Assume that your movie review will published in a print newspaper.  See PowerPt Notes - Audience slide

Write out responses to the following questions. 

  1. Will your readers agree with your judgment?  Accept your criteria and supporting reasons?  What will they agree and disagree with?  Explain.
  2. Why will your readers read your evaluation?  Explain what they want to get from it?
  3. How much knowledge of The Grizzlies will you assume your readers have? About movies?  About lacrosse and sports generally?  (Let's pretend the movie has just been released.)
  4. What tone will you use? What Point of View?  What style? (Formal? Colloquial? Humorous? Serious? Some Combination?) Vocabulary? Consider the publication (above)