Audience Sheet Game story
The purpose of this audience sheet is to help you imagine an audience who would read your game story. Since you are not actually publishing your game story, you'll need to imagine who your readers are, make assumptions about them, and explain how these assumptions shape your actual writing decisions.

In 2-3 paragraphs, decscribe assumptions you are making about the readers of your game story: their knowledge, values, beliefs, and expectations. (See your class notes from TSGW, Ch 1: Rhetorical Situation.) How did these assumptions help you make specific writing decisions about your game story?

Give a few specific examples. For example, how will your readers' knowlege or lack of knowlege of the sport help you determine what to include and leave out of your game summary?  How much detail do you need to include when describing plays?  How much background information about the teams is needed?  Or based on your assumptions about your readers' values and beliefs, how will you construct your lead in order connect to your readers?  How will these values and beliefs help you determine what quotations to include and where to place them?  What tone to use when discussing the losing team or player mistakes?

Draft your audience sheet using a Word document--audience sheet should be typed. Draft and revise your audience sheet as you write your outline and draft.