Audience Sheet - Movie Review

Write out three to four sentence responses to each question. Be sure to explain how your thoughts will affect decisions you will make as you write your movie review.

Imagine you are writing your movie review for a newspaper called The Pointer Times. Your review will be in the entertainment section of the newspaper. In a daily issue, the newspaper publishes one or two long reviews along with several thumbnail reviews. Readers of The Pointer Times are the citizens of Stevens Point, including the population of UWSP.

Write out responses to the following questions. Copy and paste the above paragraph at the top of your audience sheet.

  1. List and rank your criteria for evaluating a movie. Briefly define each criterion you rank.
  2. Do you think readers will agree with your judgment? Disagree with it? How will this affect your review?
  3. How will your review entertain readers? Discuss the tone and language you will use.
  4. Why will your readers read a movie review? How will you address these expectations in your review? Consider the different readers for The Pointer Times.