Research Paper Worksheet for Topic Exploration

Copy and paste into a Word doc and then type it out.

  1. Name your research issue. (Please be specific.)
  2. Write out your guiding research question. (The answer to this question will be your thesis, and it will also guide your research.)
  3. In a paragraph, discuss your issue as specifically as you can. Include pro and con views or alternative perspectives. Find one reference source in the library (e.g., specialty encyclopedia or dictionary) to use for background and general information. At the end of the paragraph, cite the reference source using MLA citation style. Consult a librarian if you need help.
  4. Find five sources that pertain to your topic. Preview them to be sure they are relevant and credible. Find one website, one newspaper, one magazine, and one book. The last source is your choice. Consult a librarian if you need help. List all five sources using MLA citation style.