Dr. Robert Sirabian
Fys 101: Group Project - extracurriculars

For this assignment, you will work with a partner to report on an extracurricular activity on campus.  The two of you will find out information about the activity or event, participate or attend the activity or event if appropriate, interview a person who works with the activity or event, and then write a brief report about your findings.

The Report (12pt. TNR, single space, one-inch margins, block paragraphs).  Suggested length: 1-2pgs.  Paper clip or staple for this assignment.  Do not write your name in pencil or pen on your final document - type it like the rest of the assignment.

Turn in interview questions with your report:  either include them at the end of your report or attach them as a separate sheet.  You don't have to include responses/quotations but can if they are with the questions.

Headings you might use:  Name of event or activity | Description of what it is | How students can participate or attend.  Things to consider.  Incorporate interview information from your notes | Assessment of event or activity, including your participation if relevant | Value of participation as students—value of extracurricular activities.  Include the name of interviewee and date of your interview.  Both of you should conduct the interview together.

Notes from our class discussion.

***You can put interview info in its own section or integrate information into other sections--e.g., Assessment of event or activity, including your participation if relevant and Value of participation as students—value of extracurricular activities.  But remember, the interview is a tool to obtain information.  It is not the main focus of this assignment/report.  If you put interview info in its own section, be sure to connect to other sections.  Also, you don't have to include all info from the interview.  You may only include parts of the interview (not respones to every question.)

***Headings: rather than underline, use bold.  Omit colons after headings.

***Be clear about the first three headings--see above.

Events or Activities You Might Report On. (Some of these will cost money, but the cost is reasonable.)  If you have other ideas, please check with me first.

Attend a production of the Theatre and Dance department. 

Attend a performance of the Music department.

Go to a Planetarium program. 

Participate in workout program: Strength Center, Cardio Center, Aquatic Center, etc.

Make an appointment with the Career Services office to start career exploration.

Attend a Faculty Forum presentation.  (See me about this since I am the coordinator.)

Attend a meeting of a club or other student organization.

Become involved in a program or attend an event sponsored by Diversity and College Access (includes Multi-Cultural Resource Center, Native American Center).

Participate in Intramurals.

Attend a Pointer Athletics event.

Attend a lecture in the L&S Community Lecture series (off campus).


FYS 101-4

Gabby---Kendra Chris---Callie
Brooke---Melissa Kathryn---Alex
Ashley---Valerie Halee---Camille---Erica

FYS 101-8
Jeremy---Samantha S. Dana---Sami
Shayna---Clayton Elyssa--Mollie
Callie---Austin Derek---Vivian
Adrienne---Josh Vanessa---Ross