Grade Sheet template ENGLISH 212

You can modify this template to keep track of your course grade.  Each time you turn in an assignment, write it down with possible points.  When your assignment is returned, write down the points/grade you received.  Leave or add rows for assignments.

See the course policies for grade percentages.

You should also keep track of your attendance.

You can copy this into a Word doc or design your own.  Or use pen and paper in your notebook.

Example of how to estimate grades.  Assume you ended up with the following grades for each category below.  Convert each grade into its decimal equivalent and multiply by the percentage weight for each category.

Exam Grading Scale:  A 100-93; A- 92-90; B+ 89-87; B 86-83; B- 82-80; C+ 79-77; C 76-73; C- 72-70; D+ 69-67; D 66-63; D- 62-60; F 59-0
Assignments/Quizzes B+   3.3 x .20 = .66
Midterm Exam  A-   3.7 x .35 = 1.295
Final Exam B+   3.3 x .45 = 1.485
Total = 3.44  B+ for course grade
  Assignment Name Possible Points/Grades (Total points as you add assignments) Your Points/Grades Attendance
Assignments/Quizzes (15%) Quiz 1 10    
Points: 70 Quiz 2 10  
To figure your grade from points, add your points and divide by total possible points.  E.g., 78/90 = .87 B+ Discussion Post: Carlyle or Mill 05  
  ROD Reading Journal 10
  Quiz 3 10
Quiz 4 10  
  Discussion Post: Arcadia, I.4 05  
  Semester Review Discussion Post 10  
Midterm (40%)   Letter grade  
Final (45%)   Letter grade