sassoon poems
study questions
  1. How does the historical information (pp 136-38) about WWI shed light on the ideas in and tone of the poems we are reading? Name a few specific historical details about WWI that are relevant.
  2. "They" – Explain the poem's title?  What is the conflict or tension between the boys and the
    Bishop?  Is it resolved?  Why or why not?
  3. "The Rear-Guard" – How does the description of environment support the poem's viewpoint?  What is this viewpoint (about war)?
  4. "The General" – How is the General characterized here?  What details/ideas are specifically stated and what details are implied?
  5. "Glory of Women" – What role do women have in war, according to the poem?  How do you explain the reference to the German mother (line12)?
  6. How are Sassoon's poem examples of literature from the Modern British Period? (Look at general introduction - "Poetry")