NBC's Friday Night Lights

You should take notes as we watch this first episode of the series. It airs on Friday nights, at 8pm, on NBC. You can also watch episodes on the NBC website. Add your own questions/observations.

  1. Note the visuals--shots of landscape and the town. How are these important to the episodes themes? Music is important too.
  2. Who are the main characters? What motivates them? What are they about? Pay particular attention to the Coach Eric Taylor and his family, "Smash" Williams, Jason Street, the starting QB, and Tim Riggins.
  3. How does the town of Dillion react to the upcoming game? What scenes best illustrate this?
  4. How is the football game presented? Do you find it authentic? Realistic?
  5. What about Coach Taylor's comment after the game, that we all will fall, that we will all be tested?
  6. What is the relationship between football, state (Texas), religion, family, community, and selfhood? (This is a big question. Break it down and explore all possible connections.
  7. Do you come from a small town where football rules? If so, what similarities and differences do you find between your town and Dillion, TX?