Oroonoko Flowchart


Theme (1) Honor, Royalism--Oroonoko as
prince/Old king/strict sense of honor/link to Stuart kings

Theme (2) Politics, Economics--economic system--slavery/Oroonoko trades slaves/becomes one


Themes--Conflict between (1) & (2) Slavery ok if won in battle

Postcolonialism--Said's Orientalism, Surninam natives as children / Natives defined against West / Narrator objects to Oroonoko's bondage but supports Surinam as a colony

Narrative Structure Romance, History, Realism--blending of these.  See Dedication
Tension between surface text and subtext or among three forms below.
Novel's ending--Unresolved Contradictions--realism (death) & romance?

History Slavery -- chattel slavery -- buying and selling / Stuart Kings--narrator's sympathy -- see crit. intro. / Crown vs. Parliament -- royal perogative

Primitivism (The Noble Savage)--Montaigne's essay Of Cannibals--see opening pgs of Oroonoko--prelapsarian world free of corruption (see Postcolonialism)

Behn-Memoir & personal account/personal history-her role in the novel? Sympathy/Fear

Women Writers in the 17th & 18th Centuries
Female authorship and slavery
Relationship between the author and Oroonoko

Biography Story of Oroonoko--True History as social life/Romance--Imoinda/Also, Onahal & Jmoan

Travel Narrative Africa/Surinam--see critical intro.