Manfred Study Questions Act I.i
  1. Discuss the ideas in the opening monologue Manfred makes (e.g., consider the idea of knowledge). What does Manfred want from the spirits?.
  2. Why does Manfred desire forgetfulness and self-oblivion (lines 136-191)? (See question for Act II.i)
Act I.ii
  1. Analyze lines 1-56. What is Manfred contemplating? What does the Chamois hunter do?
Act II.i
  1. What is it that Manfred has done to cause his inner torment (lines 21-30)? See the introductions.
Act II.ii
  1. What happens between Manfred and the witch? Look at lines 150-159. What does Manfred refuse to do? Why? How is Manfred like Prometheus?

Act II.iv

      1.   Review scene four--Hall of Arimanes.  Consider Manfred's interaction with the spirits and Astarte's response
           to Manfred

Act III.i
  1. Discuss the dialogue between Manfred and the Abbot. How does the Abbot try to help Manfred? What is Manfred's response? Focus on lines 26- 171.
Act III.iv
  1. Discuss the last scene of the drama. Focus on the opening monologue (lines 1-44) as well as on lines 123-151.

Finally, how is Manfred an example of the Byronic hero? See the introductions.