Under the Greenwood Tree

Study Questions

The Masterpiece link I have included has oodles of information about the story and Hardy.  **Don't read the plot synopsis until you have seen the movie.

You should outline the plot as well as have notes on each character. Also, consider camera angles, music, and acting. 
Have notes about the questions below as well as other themes and ideas you deem interesting and important. 

1. Give an explanation of the title.

2. Analyze how women are portrayed.  Consider our Gender theme (see NA, pp. 1031-34; 1607-10).

3. Examine the differentiation in social classes and how these are depicted.

4. Discuss the role of marriage.

5. Give an analysis of the concept of progress and consider how this subject is broached in the film.

**The title comes from a song (sung by Amiens) in Shakespeare's As You Like It (Act 2.5)

    Under the greenwood tree
    Who loves to lie with me,
    And turn [adapt] his merry note,
    Unto the sweet bird's throat
Come hither, come hither, come hither!
       Here shall he see
       No enemy
But the winter and rough weather