Adaptation Flowchart

Adaptations of Novels

Oliver Twist
18th century novel of the road/orphan's fulfillment of selfhood/art shaping life

Fidelity/Reinterpretation - experience of orphan children world wide/Fagin/Victorian setting/Plot

Great Expectations
OT in reverse/selfhood is a social construction - class/orphan makes his own way/destiny is not preordained/there is no returning home

Fidelity to Dickens/show psychology through image and sound/Fagin/ending is conservative - love conquers all

Merge the past and present/lesbianism - identity/discourse (writing) power/keep OT and GE relevant/biology/architecture models

Never Let Me Go
Science - Cloning/Can one shape one's identity?/What does it mean to be human? - Childhood/How one lives one's life

Analogy: Set in FL/NY/Name changes/Finn (Pip) is an artist/Ending?

South Park
Spoof on adaptation/adapt GE

Adaptation - Fidelity