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1.  This is an adaptation of Oliver Twist that is made for TV. It is called Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist. The character development is better for the character of Oliver and there is a plot much more like the book; the need to find his mother is an underlying plot.


2. is a great place to find information on films, including Oliver and Company and other adaptations of Oliver Twist


3.  If you are more interested in the lifestyle of children during the Victorian era, in which Oliver Twist was set, this is a great website.  It is full of information that can help reveal the life of young Oliver and others in his situation.


4.  The story of Oliver Twist is one that can still be referenced world-wide and understood.  Here is an interesting article that alludes to Charles Dickens masterpiece, but with a modern twist.


5.  If you are interested in the criminal side of Victorian England, here is a link to England's National Archives.  This link takes you to the Learning Curve section of the site which shows 3 examples of children who were found guilty of crimes at this time.  The original documents can be read, and you can decide if Victorian England was too harsh on these real life boys.