The Annotated Bibliography

Mukherjee, Ankhi. "Missed Encounters: Contemporary Returns to Charles Dickens Great

Expectations." Contemporary Literature 46.1 (2005): 108-133

Mukherjee examines Great Expectations as something that may be adapted, giving

particular attention to the 1998 Cuaron film. She concludes that the adaptation is

done as recreation and therefore leaves little to no room for a hierarchical relationship

between the adaptation and the original material.

Morgenstaler, Goldie. “Meditating on the low: a Darwinian reading of Great Expectations.”

            Studies in English Literature 38.4 (1998): 707-721.

            Morgenstaler argues in this article that Dickens was influenced by Darwin’s Origin of the

            Species and that said influences can be found in Great Expectations. She sites the fact

            that the formation of the self for the characters in Great Expectations as very Darwinian

            as well as the idea of time being something that moves forward instead of just being a

            reanimation of the past.

  Steward, Douglas. “Anti-Oedipalizing Great Expectations: Masochism, subjectivity, capitalism.”

            Literature and Psychology 45.3 (1999): 25-50.

            Doug Steward shows the property system of Great Expectations as exploitive and the

            Class system as destructive to the self. He also delves into the realm of adaption, talking

about several rewritings.



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